Choosing your Driving School – Part 1

Written by:  Feb 27, 2011

When you are thinking of looking for a suitable driving school for yourself, your partner, your teenager – how do you make that decision; the one that decides what school or person teaches your family member, a loved one or your friend to drive?

We all know that learning to drive is one of those milestones that mark a change in your independence. In fact it can totally change your whole approach to life and what you can do with that new found independence.

So…..Price, price is obviously important, especially in the current climate. And learning to drive can be really expensive, there’s no two ways about it!

But…driving is a skill that once learnt and learnt well, will last you for your entire life. So maybe you need to think of learning to drive as an investment; an investment in someone’s future…their career…the direction and opportunity available to them, once they have that valuable skill under their belt.

If you divided the number of years that you will benefit from learning to drive by the amount of money you invest in learning that skill the amount you are actually paying in cold hard cash is negligible, Insignificant, unimportant, trifling, small, tiny…Isn’t it?

As an average the investment in learning to drive could be approx £1000 (not including test fees etc)…sounds a lot doesn’t it…but how many years do you think you could be physically driving with the benefit of the tuition?

If you pass your test at 18 you could potentially drive for 52 years until your 70th birthday before having to reapply for your licence (I know you kids out there can’t even conceive driving for 52 years let alone reaching 70 years old) – If you divide your initial investment of £1000 (approx cost for learning to drive) you have the most amazing investment of about £20 per year….

Or look at this another way – if your driving instructor has 30 years driving experience, they are investing that experience in every one of your lessons…So using the earlier calculation the years of experience times that initial investment of £20 per year…Your lesson cost (not including the use of the car, fuel, insurance etc) could be in excess of £60 per hour?!

We don’t mean that to sound like a sermon, but maybe another way of considering how to choose your driving school and/ or your instructor, and the benefit you gain from choosing the right one for you.

An instructor is going to be sitting with you in a fairly confined space for approx. 40 hours teaching you everything they possibly can about using the roads and that very dangerous piece of equipment (a car) in the best way possible to drive safely and pass your test – passing your test is the ultimate goal for you and your instructor, but it is also the starting point for the rest of your independent life!

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