Refresher lessons for nervous drivers

Written by:  May 20, 2014

Did you know we at Drive Now have always offered additional lessons/ support to drivers of any gender that feel they want to update their knowledge of driving in ever changing approach to driving on today’s roads, as well as extreme weather such as snow, fog etc?!

We can also teach you simple ways to parallel park, bay park and reverse around corners, turn in the road etc.

Are you nervous using the motorway, or overtaking…..what about roundabouts, do you ‘charge’ at traffic lights or junctions because you are worried about the lights changing or getting out in time?

Contact us on 07580 890 680 we will be happy to offer you as many or as few lessons as you need to feel more confident that you are driving according to today’s road regulations and faster cars.

2 Responses to “Refresher lessons for nervous drivers”

  • Carol Longland

    Do you do lessons around the Waterlooville area in Hamphire

    Thank you

    • Hi Carol,

      Unfortunately we don’t cover Hampshire. We are based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, and only cover approximately a 17 mile radius from there.

      I’m really sorry about that, but good luck with finding a driving school in your area 🙂

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