K9 Driving School!

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Barking Mad? We Think Not! Driverless cars are being tested on the roads in Milton Keynes, but with the technology so new, it’s going to be a while before they’re accessible to everyone. With that in mind, we’ve been exploring alternative options for road travel, and after lots of careful research, we’re proud to announce Drive […]

Ashley M. Passed 20th May 2014

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Refresher lessons for nervous drivers

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Did you know we at Drive Now have always offered additional lessons/ support to drivers of any gender that feel they want to update their knowledge of driving in ever changing approach to driving on today’s roads, as well as extreme weather such as snow, fog etc?! We can also teach you simple ways to […]

Another Pass!

Ashley C – Passed 15th May 2014

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Conor Passed 28th Apr 2014

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Chantal Passed 22nd Apr 2014

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Emily Passed 4th Apr

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And another....

Rachel Passed 4th Apr 2014!

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And another!

Beata Passed 24th Mar 2014

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Grace Passed 13th Mar 2014

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