Why Drive Now?

At Drive Now, we want you to enjoy learning to drive, and to help you pass your test as soon as you can.

We stand out, because we have so much on offer:

  • You never share your lesson time with another learner!
  • You will drive in your very first lesson
  • You will learn to reverse round corners
  • Complete turns in the road
  • Parallel parking
  • Reverse bay parking
  • We use technology to highlight problem areas e.g roundabouts with the aid of GPS maps.
  • Lessons 7 days a week (including bank holidays!) , morning, afternoon and evening, whatever the weather.
  • Flexible lesson length –  1.5 hour or 2 hour lessons (though optimum learning is gained from regular 1.5 hour lessons).
  • Mock practical test a week or so before your real one – so you’re as prepared as you can be.
  • Pass plus, refresher driving lessons, courses for nervous drivers, intensive driving lessons.
  • And more…!

Sound good? Then don’t just sit there, book a driving lesson with Drive Now today!